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Casey Johnson

Elegant Female
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Mike M.

My journey with Kevin started when I was on a short term work assignment in Schaumburg, IL. I was there for a 3 month assignment and was fortunate to connect with him at a small, local gym. We trained together once a week for about 8-12 weeks. We didn’t keep in touch much after I left, other than a few social media messages once in a blue moon. 

Enter 2020… I, like many others, started working remote full time. Fortunately, I moved into a home in the suburbs a few years prior and had a pretty decent home gym set up. With all my gym memberships on hold and less time spent commuting on the train, I started putting more time in at my home gym, but realized I wasn’t making much progress, especially with limited machines and equipment. I reached out to Kevin as a shot in the dark to see if he has clients he trains 100% virtually. His original answer was, ‘no, sorry’. But he quickly reversed and said he’d give it a shot.  

I’ve now been training with Kevin 100% virtually since March 2020 and have seen noticeable improvements - in my diet, my physique, my strength and my overall health. The foundation of our program is threefold: a training plan, a diet and weekly updates/conversations. In between, he’s offering critical feedback on form, weight, supplements and equipment - responding to messages almost immediately, if not within a couple hours. 

Kevin has set me up for success if I were to go off on my own, but I value his friendship, the continuous improvement and the accountability. Kevin is a very honest, down-to-earth person who has a true passion and knowledge for health, exercise and training. He doesn’t typically throw ideas out for training programs or supplements without explaining the research and methodology behind it, which I appreciate. 

Whether in-person or 100% virtual, I would highly recommend Kevin, regardless of your fitness goals. 

Testimonials: Testimonials
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